To tackle the climate crisis, we know that we will all have to commit to long term action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Sunday is encouraging local churches to make their own commitments to long term action on the environment. This will be specific to each context, and help you move to the next step in climate action.

On 5th September 2021, we will present the UK government with the combined commitments and calls which local churches have made. Ahead of COP26, we will show our political leaders that they have our support to act boldly, justly and compassionately on this issue.

Register your Climate Sunday commitment before 5th September, so we can count you among the thousands of churches showing the government that they’re prepared to take action on climate change.

What commitments can you make?


  • Join a church greening scheme. For churches in Scotland sign up to Eco-Congregation Scotland, for churches in England and Wales sign up to Eco Church, for Irish churches sign up to Eco-Congregation Ireland and for Catholic congregations sign up for Live Simply.

  • If you’re already signed up to one of these schemes commit to go further by aiming for an award or higher level of commitment.